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Why most woment don't want to hire a makeup artist and reasons why you should!

Hiring the right makeup artist aka MUA can be a big investment. You want to make sure your pirctures for your special day are timeless and do not age, but how do yo determine if you should do your own makeup, have a friend do it or hire a professional?

Hiring a Makeup artist can be expensive?

Believe me, I get it. You didnt plan for a $500 invoice in your budget. One of the ways you can save money for your beauty budget is by asking your maids to pay a portion of the cost. So if a service cost $75, you can either have them pay 25% up to 100% of the cost.

I do my own makeup...

Doing your own makeup the day of your big day is in a league of its own. Their are so many factors that can determine if your makeup turns out good or not. Something may go wrong and 9 times out of 10, no matter how perfect you dreamed your day will be something will go wrong. Maybe your Florist didn't bring 3 of the bridesmaid bouquets or your photographer canceled on you at the last minitue. All of these examples are worst case scenarios, but also a possibility that it could happen.

A good makeup artist not only knows how to handle stressful situations, when the occasion arrives, but she will also be able to create a relaxing environment while you are getting your makeup done.

I dont wear a lot of makeup, I want to look natural!

A lot of women believe that makeup cannot look natural so they prefer skipping it and not wear anything on their wedding day. 

I totally get it. The objective of having your makeup done on your wedding day is not to have you look like someone else but to enhance your natural beauty.

The one thing I specialize in is Natural makeup. One of the ways I achive the "Natural Look" is by using Airbrush makeup. So that is always a option.

Bottom Line..

  1. Makeup artists know how to highlight your best features, downplay blemishes or discoloration, and really make your eyes pop. Instead of relying on your personal tried and true routine, they can create a look that is fresh, polished, and flattering.

  2. They have been trained on how to apply makeup so that it stands up to the harsh flash of the camera, as well as the lighting of your venue. Even though you may want to “look like yourself” on your wedding day, your normal makeup and application may not look the way you want it to under the various lighting you will be exposed to. Brides can expect to wear as much as 30% more makeup in order to maintain their everyday look in pictures.

  3. They can make it last all day. The last thing you need to be worried about is whether your makeup has worn off throughout the day. With the right makeup and application, outside of a touch up of lipstick, you will be fresh faced from the ceremony into the late night electric slide at your reception.

  4. A helping hand can help cut down your wedding day stress. It’s your day to relax, be pampered, and do nothing but take in the fun and excitement of becoming a Mrs. Letting a makeup artist take care of your beauty routine relieves the stress of doing it yourself. You will have a professionally created and applied look that highlights your natural beauty, and ensures a fresh beautiful face to present to your hubby-to-be.

No matter what you decide make sure you are satisfied with your decision

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