Tattoo Cover Up

Tattoos can be works of art, but there are instances when you might need to cover them up. Maybe you're going for a more conservative look or maybe you're just living in regret from a Spring Break drunken tat decision. Regardless of how it got there, we have the products to help you cover it up.

Whats Included 


The first step in the process is to send over pictures of the tatto that you are requesting to cover.


The next Step is the trial.

The trial is the time for us to measure and see how big or small the tattoo is in person.

We will also be applying makeup to the requested tattoo.


Once the trial is completed, you will be given a true pice for the amount of time it took to cover your tatto and the area of the tattoo.


Starting off at $15/square inch - 5 minutes (Very small tattoo, Finger)

*Makeup Artist can give more accurate quote and time frame during consultation.

Makeup will last for 24+ hours. Don't be surprised if you can't remove it.

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***Must be completed in person.