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Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Introducing our new referral program, designed for brides like you in mind.

Sharing is caring and saving is even more exciting. With every booked bride you refer to Sexy Visage Makeup Artistry, you will receive $15 credit towards makeup appointments, gift cards, merchandise(makeup, lashes and skincare) and weddings. It's supper simple.

*Whomever you refer will receive 5% off of there total package price*

Credits don't expire and can be used at anytime. We must be notified by the referee in order for you to receive your credit(must have name and phone number prior to contract signing).



  • Credits do not expire.

  • Credits may not be transfered from one person to another.

  • Only one referral may be given per client.

  • No other promotions may be combined with the referral program.

  • 5% is given to new brides ONLY!!!

  • Credit(s) can not be redeemed until signed contract and deposit is received by referee.

  • Credits do not have to be redeemed all at once.

  • MAX credits to be redeemed are $100.

  • No additional fees to participate.

**Accounts will be tracked and monitored with online access***


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