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The #1 Airbrush Makeup Artist in Nebraska that does a FULL airbrush makeup application

Not just foundation

The number one question I get asked all  the time from my brides is if they should get Airbrush makeup or Traditional makeup for their big day.

Being an airbrush makeup artist in Nebraska and Iowa, I know how Midwest weather can be unpredictable. 

Weather you are getting married for the first time around or the second. You deserve to look your absolute best and I know airbrush makeup will achieve that for you and so much more.

Airbrush make is:


Can be flaky:

False. There are many different formulas for airbrush makeup (silicone, water, alcohol & hybrid). I use 3 different kinds in my kit. So you can be sure that the best brand will be used to create your wedding day look.

More Expensive:  

False. Sexy Visage does not and will not charge extra for airbrush makeup. The price you pay will be the same price you will pay for traditional makeup 

Will not cover Acne or Blemishes:

False. If you have a skin concern. you can still try airbrush makeup.  Here at sexy visage we use a combination of products that caters to all of our clients needs.

Box of Macaroon

Custom Blended Foundation

Unsure if airbrush makeup is right for your wedding, take  look at our past brides who opted for airbrush makeup

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