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Omaha Nebraska spray tanning

Spray Tanning

Get the Bronzed glow the Sexy Way, without the harmful UV Rays!

Experience the Sexy Visage Glow

Glow like the Goddess you were meant to be with our full line of customized Airbrush Bronzers.  Our sunless tanning options provide a lit from within look, that will leave your skin feeling more hydrated, while your complexion is transformed into illuminating pleasurer

Our bronzers are deigned to react with your body natural ph balance, creating a very natural tan.

We use only the finest ingredients for your spray tan. By providing you with vegan, gluten free and cruelty free products.   

We believe in saving our planet so all materials used are recycled.

How We Glow

Sexy Visage uses two types of spray tanning solutions, to make sure your spray tan is fully customized to your liking.

Every product is free of parabens, contains 100% natural DHA and is vegan friendly.


How We Glow

Before Tanning 


  • Shave, shower and exfoliate the night before your tanning appointment.

  • We have  many services that allow you to exfoliate prior to your appointment.

  • Showering a minimum of 4 hours before your session is acceptable if you cannot do it the evening before.  

  • Coming right from the gym is NOT recommended as the sweat will create a barrier.

  • Waxing and spa services (pedicure, massage, facial) should be done a minimum of 2 days before your spray tan as the oils can leave a barrier.

  • Do not use deodorant, makeup, perfume, or moisturizers (including the moisture strip on a razor) the day of your tanning session.

  • Bring loose fitting clothing and flip flops. (Looser the better!)

  • You may tan in the undergarment of your choice (preferably a dark color).

  • Ladies may tan topless, nude, bathing suits and underwear also work well. If you do not have bottoms. We will provide if available. 

  • Pull hair back high and tight on top of your head if possible.

  • Wear loose clothing till after you rinse.

  • Wearing a bra is NOT recommended.

  • It is very IMPORTANT that you rinse in the timeframe I provide for you in order to get the best results. Waiting longer or earlier can adversely affect the color of the tan, making it too light or to dark.

  • ONLY rinse with water- NO soap or any other product until 8 hours after your session. Make sure your face and ears are rinsed as well.

  • You may see color wash off during your first shower which is normal as it is just the cosmetic bronzer washing off.

  • Do not scrub, use loofahs or washcloths at the time of the rinse. When you come out of the rinse, you will think the color disappeared, but NO WORRIES as it takes 8 hours developing time. The convenience of not having to sleep in the solution is so nice and you are able to wear whatever you want after that rinse.

  • Avoid any activity that will result in sweating. Refrain from swimming and getting wet.

  • Working out is NOT recommended immediately after your spray tan.

  • Please do not allow your pet to lick or jump on you.

  • 8 hours after your spray tan, you may take a REGULAR shower. My aftercare products are recommended for use. No moisturizers or creams until AFTER your first real shower.

  • Apply my recommended body lotion or butter and/or tan extender generously post shower. Application twice daily is recommended for optimal results.

  • Spa Treatments are not recommended after your airbrush tan (ex: massage, facial, pedicure).

  • Dove products are NOT recommended.

  • Swimming will fade your tan.

After Tanning 

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