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Planning a wedding is hard and trying to save money is even harder.

One of the easiest ways to save money on your wedding is cutting back on your guest list. Think of it like this...the more people you have the less you can spend on what you and your fiance want the most.

One trend I am noticing with a lot of weddings this year is that couples are opting out of your typical wedding ceremony. Instead they are going straight to the party(the reception). And there's nothing wrong with that. I say go with whatever makes you happy and not your family, but that's a whole different subject. Lol. Basically stay true to yourself and your wedding will be the happiest day of your life.

To make sure you don't break the bank. Stick to your budget at all cost and do not deviate from it. If you want to spend extra on colored napkins, scale back on wedding favors and vice versa. Remember be realistic and have real expectations for your big day.

So you have $10,000 to work with? That's ok... you can do alot on $10,000 and I'm going to show you how⬇️

Venue, Catering & Rentals: total cost $5,350

As you can tell this will be the majority of your budget. This section includes the cost of venue, rentals, rehearsal, food, wedding cake, beverage and alcohol .

To scale back on your wedding rehearsal keep it small and intimate only for you and your wedding party. Have a potluck, instead of going somewhere fancy for the day before the main event. Use this time to unwind with good food and good company.

For beverage/alcohol- one of the easiest things you could do is bring your own, but only if your venue allows you to. Costco and Sam's Club has great prices options for alcohol and beverages.

A great alternative to cake is to do cupcakes my favorite vendor for this would be Smallcakes in Papillon, NE

They have delicious cakes and cupcakes. Their flavor called wedding cake is to die for😋

This is a great option that is not only eye pleasing but will save you money.
Cupcake wedding cake

Wedding Stationary: total cost $475

Wedding stationary to me is so important. It sets the atmosphere for your event, with just the right amount of pizazz. One of my favorite places that I recommend to all of my couples is Shutterfly

Shutterfly is so affordable they have wedding suites starting as low as $0.99; Another thing I like about Shutterfly is that they have promotions throughout the year and who doesn't like to save money. You can get everything you need to complete your wedding suite.

Attire & Accessories: total cost $790

This section can be tricky, but so do able. When selecting your bridal gown keep in mind that you have to include alterations for your total price. So you can't go over $800. Don't forget your groom, since he is included in this budget as well. You also have hair, makeup and any accessories you would like to add. Cocomelody has the best affordable dresses that doesn't look cheap. Their is also an option that is called Afterpay, which allows you to pay overtime. Cocomelody has a program that allows you to try before you buy. By trying before you actually make your purchase, it puts your mind at ease just in case you have second thoughts.

For your Groom attire, I would suggest renting.

For your accessories, take some time to browse different websites. I adore Amazon, because I can almost always find what I'm looking for. The jewelry and veil below all came from Amazon ⬇️.

Flowers & Decorations: total $910

This section in your budget is perfect for the D.I.Y lady at heart. This is where you can really put your vision out there and make it shine.

First lets determine if you want real or fake flowers. If you would like to have fake flowers that is totally fine, but I would suggest using real for your flower bouquets. If you would like to diy your flower bouquet here is a great option for you to make your own crystal bridal bouquet . Why not make your centerpieces. Grab your gals for a fun night out with wine and then put them to work this is a great bonding experience. The possibilities are endless on what you can make. Its just something special about a bride who takes the time and craft it out.

Photo, Video & Entertainment: total cost $ 2,150

Lights, Camera, Action and Pose... or whatever it says. Your pictures will be the most important aspect of your wedding. You will cherish these for the rest of your life. So if you can spare an extra amount of money definitely go for it.

One of my favorite companies in the Metro area is 1776 you can get an engagement and wedding photo session for only $1,250..child you can't beat that! But if you have just a little more to spare tou can add on video for a grand total of $2,000.

I recommend JIIK and COMPLETE for all of your wedding services needs. Complete offers video, photo and dj services and when you bundle you will receive additional savings.

Gifts and favors: total cost $200

Your gifts and favors will be your way of saying thank you to all of your guests for partaking in your special day.

For your wedding party, its always a nice touch to gift jewelry that they will be wearing the day of. You can also get their nails done, hair or makeup. If you really want a tear jerker...grab a photo from when you first met and gift it to them with a nice letter on why you love them. It will make their heart melt.

For your groomsmen, you can engrave almost anything now a days. So why not engrave a knife, shot glasses or Bullet.

For wedding party guest, do something that will have them bragging. Even if you didnt spend alot of money. One wedding i went to had a cd that had all of the couples favorite love songs. Guess what? I still have the cd to this day.

It's a great idea, because every time they hear one of the songs they will think of your wedding. Another great idea is to do something edible, like a taco truck at the end of the night. You can also bake Grandma's secret cookie recipe to all of your guest. This is a great idea to show your love of food and also show how important family is to you.

The main goal to keep in mind is prioritizing. When you have a small budget its best to get all of the main categories booked first before others... Like venue, food/beverage, flowers and attire.

Don't be afraid to ask for help as the more hands you have the less stressful you will be.


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