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Updated: Aug 13, 2020

This checklist, is a list I provide to all of my brides. This list helps me make sure you are completely prepared for your trial/ preview makeup. By doing everything below you will have a successful appointment.

Wear a button up or top to your trial

I recommend that you wear a white or ivory shirt the day of your trial(or whatever color your dress will be). The makeup will look different against different colors, so to be sure your makeup will look the same on your big day as the day of your trial, it is recommended you wear the same color as your dress.

And if you already know the neckline and cut of your gown/s, you should wear something with a similar neckline.


Make sure to come to your trial with fresh skin. Exfoliate the day before, which will help your makeup apply smooth and beautiful. I will have my own moisturizing regime – mask, serums and other products. Will also allow me to see which regime works well for your face.

Don't be shy

This is your day your way, if you don't like a smokey eye or if you want something more subtle let me know. Say something! That’s the whole purpose of the trial. Don’t be shy.

Bring Photos

It may be hard to figure out the exact look you want for your special day so I suggest creating an inspiration board on Pinterest. Do you gravitate toward whimsical, natural or glam looks? By showing me what you like about each photo, I’ll be able to understand your preferences.

Stick to you

when it comes to makeup stick to your signature look. When considering your wedding day makeup look, my rule of thumb is to be you. If you're unsure about what your signature look is, Think of a time that you felt the most confident and beautiful, and lean into that look.

Try to come solo

I want you to have my undivided attention. So please attend the trial alone. Show your friends the makeup later. A trial is a one on one appointment. The last thing I want is interrupting your trial and not putting all of my focus and attention on you.

Ask questions

I cant stress this enough. If you have questions or concerns for your big day let me know. I take everything you inform me to make sure i am giving you the best services available.

Extra time

Sit aside 1-2 hours for your trial. Makeup application normally takes 30-45 minutes, but if you have a lot of questions or if you want to change something. Expect for extra mins to be added to your appointment

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