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Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Its wedding season... so what should you do? Where do you start? Below are some helpful tips to make sure you are ready to take on your big day.

Your skin. Begin your skin care routine months before your wedding – Facials & or peels with a licensed professional up to a week before your wedding. NOT LESS!

Inquire for recommendations.

Drink plenty of water & get your beauty sleep and your skin will look better then ever.

Energy. Begin a workout routine with 30 minutes of activity daily & you will feel more energized & look great too.

Smile. Get a gorgeous grin! Start a teeth whitening routine a few months prior. You will be the blushing bride with gleaming teeth. Crest white strips work great for an at home treatment.

Tanning. Stay out of the sun! Sun burns aren’t flattering & it’s just plain BAD for your skin. If you like a tan – try out airbrush or a spray tan WAY before your big day, to ensure the color is right for you. Orange is OUT! I like Mystic Tan. But, a professional airbrush tan is always the best.

Eyebrows. Beautiful brows are so important. They help enhance & add expression to the face. Brows are an essential step to any makeup application. Grow out your brows & have them shaped by a professional a week before your wedding. It’s worth it!

Nail tips. Find a great manicurist & test out your wedding day color before your big day. OPI & Essie make some great wedding day colors.

Trial run/ Preview session. Setup a trial run for your hair & makeup with a professional. This will ensure you will LOVE your look & less stress on your wedding day. Remember, you want to look and feel beautiful because after it’s all said & done all your will have are pictures, so you want to look your best. A great time to book a trial run is for your engagement photos or engagement party.

Your style. Save pictures of hair & makeup ideas you love & bring those to your trial. Take into consideration your dress style, venue, & time of wedding when choosing your look. A professional can always help you with those options!

Lip touch ups. Purchase the lip color you want to wear for the wedding. That’s one thing you will definitely want to touch up. Apply, blot, apply, blot, and apply for long lasting color.

Your photographer. Research your photographer & meet with them prior to discuss what you want, so there’s no confusion on your day. The PICTURES are so important. Inquire for recommendations!

Last minute emergencies. Have your maid of Honor pack you a beauty bag with scissors, deodorant, floss, tooth paste, tooth brush, mints, hair spray, mini sewing kit, safety pin, stain remover, blotting papers, & tissues. Better safe than sorry!

Get plenty of sleep the night before, this might be THE most important thing!

The day of

Have a nice breakfast. Get pampered! Relax & unwind the morning of. You deserve it!

The day of your wedding will go by so fast. So remember to stop and take a deep breath snd and soak it all in. Girl you deserve it.


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