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Updated: Aug 13, 2020

One thing i get asked about all the time is the bridal touch up kit. I offer a kit to all of my clients on the day of their wedding, at no extra cost. But what is it?


Below are some of the items I include to make sure you are able to maintain your look the entire day⬇️

  • Sample of the color of lipstick you choose.

  • Disposable lip wands to apply lip product

  • Sample of translucent face powder

  • Makeup sponge to apply face powder

  • Tiny package of Kleenex tissues

  • Blotting sheets

  • Straws

  • Makeup remover wipe

  • Mints for fresh breath during your first kiss and the last

How do I use all of the items mentioned above?

Take small amount of lipstick from the container, with one of the lip wands provided. Apply evenly, their will be no need to apply heavily. To much lip product can cause lumps and that is a no no for your big day. Their will be enough product for 3-4 lipstick applications.

Now this is a two step process...

1.If you have oily skin you want to take one of the oil blotting sheets and dab..dab...dab.. in long pressing motions. By doing this the oil blotting sheet is soaking up all the excess oil off of your face.

2. Take one of the beauty sponges, wet it, but only if you are able to. If not that's fine. Grab some of the translucent powder and dip the wet/dry sponge into the powder. Tap off the excess product. you dont want to much on the sponge. And press lightly on the areas that are more oily than others.

For dry skin/Mature skin you might not need the oil blotting sheets at all. But a little powder can never hurt, but only if you need it.

The tissues are provided for tears of joy.

I always like to include straws with every kit. Starws are there to help you to keep your lip touch ups at bay.

Use the makeup remover wipe to remove all of your makeup at the end of the night.

Bridal touch up kits are offered to all clients who book me for their wedding. I only give touch up kits to the bride, mother of bride/groom and bridesmaid. Touch up kits are complimentary for all bridal clients.


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