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Unique Guestbook Ideas

Doing the same thing can be so traditional. Their is nothing wrong with traditon, but these days Brides are opting for a more unique approach. Take a look at some of these tips below.


1. White wedding wood guest book:

This guestbook gives me all the feels of rustic, but still remains to be romantic. It has a beautiful heart that is the focal point, so it is sure to catch the attention of your wedding guests. It makes the perfect keepsake that you can place in your new home. Have your guest write their names, wishes and even date ideas.

Get it here at Oh My Wedding Time.

2. Large Engagement picture:

I love having keepsakes that you can enjoy for years to come. Have your guest sign their name all over it. Once the wedding is over hang it up in a beautiful frame for all your house guests to see.

Picture courtesy of Shutterfly


I Love traveling! What about you? If you are the around the world in 80 days type of couple. Then this would be perfect for you and your spouse. Dream about all the places you would love to see together. While you are looking at all those beautiful signitures on your keepsake Globe.

Get it here at Selah Grace Designs

4. Mailbox:

I Love a good love story. I mean who doesn't. You know the one where the woman and man exchange love letters in a mailbox 10 years apart? I'm talking about the Lake House. You may not have met the way Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves had met. But if you love this movie then why not steal the idea, but add a twist.

Have your guest sign postcards or letters. With love story's, bible scriptures, love songs or even date ideas. When one of you get angry...and their will be those days. Go to the mailbox and look at one of them.

Get them here at the Knot Shop & Ruby Unique Designs

4. Music:

Some of the best songs you ever hear are about love. Did you meet your significant other at a concert?well take your love of music and incorporate it in to the wedding.

Here are some great ides courtesy of Pinterest.

5. Game Ideas:

I adore this option, as I am a lover of board games. Especially the classics. As a couple doing board games not only is a great way to spend a saturday night, but it also teaches you how to communicate and respond to one another. You can also go out and buy a monopoly board and have your guest sign their names. Do you like card games? Grab this popular game, and have your guest wite something funny, their names or anything you like.

6. Take a picture:

This is such a awesome idea. If you love taking pictures and believe a picture can tell a thousand words. This guestbook option will give you all the feels. I love this picture option as it allows you to capture your guest emotion on your big day. Not to mention you might have some pretty funny pictures...we all love that!

Need a sign made? Get it here: Designs by Khari.


No matter which option you decide to go with, choose one that is a reflection of you as a couple. If you like traditon, their is nothing wrong with a regular size book, but if you want something you can do more than just look at then definitely try number 5.

You might enjoy the journey.. so Dare to be different!

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite was and if you are going to use any in your wedding.

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