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Unlocking Your Bridal Glow: Essential Facials by Sexy Visage

Filters are great, but having great skin is better.

Before embarking on the journey to wedded bliss, every bride deserves to radiate a stunning glow on her wedding day. You deserve to glow like a light bulb and shine bright like a diamond. And that's why a carefully designed skincare regimen can do wonders to enhance your natural beauty and ensure a flawless complexion. If you have received services from us in the past, than you know our favorite line. What is it, you may ask. I'll tell you.

We can do flawless makeup, but that doesn't mean anything if your skincare routine is bad or lacking!

So how can we help? I'm glad you asked. In this blog post, we will explore the facials every bride needs before she walks down the aisle, focusing on the personalized and indulgent offerings by Sexy Visage Makeup Artistry & Spa.

Custom Facials for Personalized Perfection

To achieve that bridal glow that we all know and love, a custom facial is an absolute must. Sexy Visage Makeup Artistry & Spa understands that every bride is unique and requires tailored skincare solutions. During your appointment we perform a thorough analysis of your skin's needs and devise a personalized facial treatment plan. From addressing concerns like acne, dullness, uneven skin tone, or fine lines to rejuvenating and brightening the complexion, our custom facials ensure you walk down the aisle with confidence.

Unlock Your Bridal Beauty with our Signature Bridal Series

We proudly offer our exclusive Signature Bridal Series, a comprehensive beauty package designed for brides-to-be. This series includes two introductory facials followed by 5 specialized treatments, carefully curated to prepare and perfect your skin for the big day. Although this service is for $650 it does come with a skincare kit that is valued at $200

a. Introductory Facials:

The journey to bridal beauty begins with two introductory facials that focus on revitalizing and prepping your skin. These facials addresses any immediate concerns, such as congestion, aging dehydration, and set a solid foundation for treatments that is set to come.

b. Specialized Treatments:

As the big day approaches, our specialized treatments step in to provide targeted solutions. These treatments may include chemical peels, microdermabrasion, Ultrasonic, L.E.D Light Therapy, oxygen-infused therapies, or Microcurrent depending on your specific skin requirements. The Signature Bridal Series ensures a gradual transformation. We do things this way as we are causing trauma to the skin to see real results. Thus, unveiling a luminous complexion that truly reflects your inner joy and happiness.

The Red Carpet Treatment

Our Red Carpet Facial is a truly unique experience that is designed to leave your skin glowing with radiance and vitality. This luxurious treatment is unlike any other, as it features a 24k gold mask, serum and our gold flex cream that is infused with powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. The 24k sheets are applied to the skin and left on for 10 minutes. During this time your skin will become very red as all the toxins that you have built up will begin to rise to the surface. Then a cream is applied to the skin to remove any and all bacteria/ toxins. Revealing a reduction in redness, inflammation and soften wrinkles. This facial is great for aging, brightening, and clients with sensitive skin.


Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and ensuring your skin looks its absolute best is a crucial part of the bridal journey. By choosing Sexy Visage Makeup Artistry & Spa, you partner with a trusted team of experts dedicated to helping you achieve radiant and flawless skin. Our custom facials, Red Carpet Facial and Signature Bridal Series are designed to cater to your unique needs, ensuring you walk down the aisle with confidence and a luminous bridal glow. Reserve your spot today and let us be a part of your unforgettable journey to bridal perfection.


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