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Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Ok. So you have the venue, your decorations and your dress picked out, but what about your wedding favors. It can be hard to decide what you would like to give your guest for your big day. Do you want to be unique or do you want to do what you see on your Pinterest?

Below are some ideas you can do for your big day.


Unique Ideas

Why not incorporate some ideas from the area you live in. Nebraska is know for Corn, but did you know we are also known for Arbor day. Why not gift a tree to your wedding guest. That way everytime they see it grow, your guest will be reminded of your love that grows everyday. Link below⬇️

Are you a bicyclist? Did you meet your spouse whole riding your bike one Sunday afternoon? Sounds too good to be true, but it could happen. Ragbrai is an annual event in Des Moines, IA. It's non competitive and draws in people from all across the United states. Below is a good option if you have a love for bikes.⬇️

Are you in love with all things that have to deal with animals? I know I am. The Henry Doorly Zoo in Nebraska has the largest in door rainforest in the world. Share your love of zoo animals with this unique yet beautiful idea with zoo animal wine charms .So everytime they take a sip they are reminded of your love for animals and your love for each other.


Good eats

Iowa is the birthplace of Bread. I know right, I didn't know that either. Edible favors are always a hit with wedding guests. Make miniature bread loves of your favorite flavor. Like banana, zucchini or orange cranberry bread. Add a personalized Tag like "A slice of the Hendersons love" or something of that nature. Here is a great recipe for zucchini bread⬇️

Conagra was started out in nebraska and one thing Nebraskans love is some good ol popcorn. There is many ways you can dress up or down this wedding favor. You can either have a popcorn bar or gift it in beautiful jars/bags with your monogram.

Below is a idea for gifting options⬇️

Agriculture rules in the Hawkeye state, show your love for all things Iowa with some bacon flavored candy or chapstick.

Weather you want to be as unique as the wine charm or have a popcorn bar. Have a wedding favor that is personal to you. What are some of your wedding favors for your area?

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