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WHAT?! I Have Dry SKIN...

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

They way i found out i had dry skin was in a inconvenient way. Even as a Makeup Artist, i never realized how hard it was to care for dry skin on the daily. I mean I work with clients everyday with dry skin, but who knew the struggles they encountered on a day to day basis.

Before I had my surgery years ago. I had oily skin. My skin was so oily I was like a greasy meatball. Ok... ok... I might be overreacting a little bit, but its true. My makeup would slip and slide all over the place and it didn't help that it was hot. No matter how much I would powder and blot I would be Rudolph by the end of the night. It wasn't until I became a Esthetician that I learned how to take care of my skin properly.

So what is dry skin?

When your skin doesnt produce enough sebum this can cause...DRY SKIN. Dry skin is flaky, dehydrated and cracked skin. One of the most noticeable signs of dry skin is a increased amount of patches on the cheeks, forehead or chin, elbows knees and scalp. Dry patches are a collection of dead skin cells. To many dead skin cells on the face or body can cause irritation and a scratchy or itchy feeling. You may also have red skin, which is also identified as irritation.

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How do I get dry skin?

Dry skin is sometimes normal or hereditary, but other times it can be an underlying issue within the body.

  • diabetes

  • Hypoactive thyroid(which i had)

  • Harsh soaps

  • Skin conditions (psoriasis)

  • Cold weather

  • Eczema

How do I treat dry skin?

Use a light exfoliator like Mario Badescu Botanical exfoliating scrub. This light weight scrub is great for all skin types. This scrub is designed to reveal smooth soft skin. Use 1-2 times per week.

Use a non foaming cleanser, like Cetaphil Skin Cleanser, hydrates and soothes as it cleans to replenish the skin's natural balence of hydration. The main ingredient of anynon foaming cleanseryou get should be water, which your skin needs. This cleanser will leave your skin feeling soft and supple. Use everyday am and pm

Another great cleanser and my personal fave is the Fresh soy makeup remover cleanser face wash. This 3 in 1 face wash removes makeup, impurities and even mascara.

Use a face serum, like Hydrabio Serum by Bioderma. By using a face serum you are adding back in the vitamins and minerals that your skin needs. Serums approve the overal radiance of your skin complexion.

Another great serum is the Clinique moisture surge hydrating Supercharged concentrate. This serum packs a punch and gives your skin hydration for 72 hours.

Use a gel based moisturizer. The best moisturizer i have found is the Neutrogena hydro boost gel cream. This powerful moisturizer absorbs guickly in the skin to lock in moisture.

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No matter what method of skincare you use. The 1st ingredient in all of your products should be water. Water is important as it adds... You guessed it HYDRATION. Never skip out on skincare as it is the most importent step of your daily routine.😊

What are some of the products you are using daily? What is your skincare routine?

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