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Updated: Aug 13, 2020

So you have the venue booked and all of your other vendors ready to go, but are you forgetting one important detail?

You spent so many months creating the wedding of your dreams. You agonized over every detail. You added a personalized picture frame to your bouquet. You made sure you had something blue, weather if it was on the bottom of your shoe or on your garter belt. You have your hairstylist, but what about your makeup artist?

Your face is the most important part of your wedding day look. It's what will cause your groom to drool all over you. 🤔 I mean who doesn't want a scene from their favorite wedding movie... you know the one, where the groom cries from seeing his bride for the first time. It's not the drapes that cause those emotions. BABY THAT'S YOU!!!

So What does it mean to have a makeup artist at your wedding?

Allows you to relax on YOUR BIG DAY...

When your big day arrives you will be so busy and maybe even all over the place. You will have family members coming in to say hello. You will also have your vendors who will inform you of any situations that may come up.

A trained professional is skilled to tackle any challenges that are sure to come up on your day of. Your makeup artist is there to help you relax and be efficient with your schedule so there are no delays on you coming down that aisle.

Sometimes DIY or having your friend do it is not always the best way to go. As they may be occupied with their own look.

Allows your photos to be something that you will cherish for years to come...

You’re likely investing a healthy amount of your budget into photographs, so not hiring a makeup artist is like buying a Ferrari and not buying insurance. Professional makeup is the difference between ok photos and amazing photos. Not enough and you’ll look washed out. Too much and you’ll look like a cartoon character. Wrong colors and you could look ill. Wrong style and you’ll look out of place. Wrong products and you’ll have a ghost face once the flash starts popping. With so much that can go wrong, why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to make certain it goes right? Photographers edit to a point - but I don’t know of any who are going to beauty edit hundreds of images to fix that red bump or dark circles in every single image.

You will see your investment...

A quality artist is not only well versed in style, but knows exactly what products to use and how to layer them for a long lasting, photo ready result. Pro artists think of everything from weather conditions to tears of joy. They can give you tips on how to cry safely (yes, there’s such a thing) maintain your look throughout the day and a great artist even offers a custom touch up kit for your peace of mind so you can rock that look well into the night without worry.

Your bridal party will match...

When you hire a makeup artist, you can have that artist do makeup for the entire bridal party. Instead of making every bridesmaid responsible for their own makeup, you can create a cohesive look by having all the makeup done by one person. 

Allows you to have salon quality products....

Makeup can be expensive, especially if you want your makeup to last the entire day (crying and all). When you hire a professional makeup artist, you know that they come with the highest quality products and tricks to help your makeup stay put all day — no matter how much dancing you want to do. 

Another bonus is that, you know makeup artists are constantly staying up-to-date with the latest makeup trends and products, so you’re getting the best advice when it comes to your makeup. 

In conclusion, hiring Me as your makeup artist is an investment. It can make or break your entire wedding look. Let me help you feel special on your wedding day. After all every bride is entitled to their own HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Book an appointment today!

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