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All the important questions about Sexy Visage, that you wanted answers to!

Why Should I Hire A Makeup Artist? Selecting a trained makeup artist is an investment. You are investing in a artist who knows how to apply camera ready makeup. Which is very different from everyday makeup.  As professional Makeup Artist, I  not only consider your skin tone, eye color and hair color, I apply  the makeup geared to the types of light sources that will be present when your photos are taken. WILL YOU DO A TRIAL RUN FOR MY WEDDING?  This  is entirely up to the client and is strongly recommended. By getting a trial run it gives  your Makeup Artist ample enough time to  meet, discuss, plan, and make your dream look come true. It’s like a practice session in preparation for a public appearance. After we create your makeup look that is timeless and elegant, we will discuss wedding day timelines. My job is to make you feel at ease in every way. HOW DO I PREPARE FOR MY BRIDAL TRIAL? I recommend that  you wear a white or ivory shirt the day of your trial(or what ever color your dress will be). The makeup will look different against different colors, so to be sure your makeup will look the same on your big day as the day of your trial, it is recommended you wear the same color as your dress. If you have all of your accessories picked out (veil, tiara and jewelry)  bring that as well. It is also a great idea to book your trial on a day where you have a lot to do. It will be the best time to test as to the longevity of the makeup on your skin when you wear it on a busy day. How far in advance of my event should I contact you? It is best to contact me as soon as possible. There are so many important vendors that you have to consider on your wedding day, with your photographer being one of the most important and most likely a large portion of your budget. You want to look at your photos and the timeless beauty of your day with memories that will last a lifetime.  DO YOU WORK ON LOCATION? YES! The only thing I request is to provide a clean work area, outlets and table so Makeup artist can have a separate space.   HOW SHOULD I PREPARE FOR MY WEDDING THE DAY OF? Please make sure you wear a button up t shirt or a robe; by doing this it will make sure your makeup doesn't move.  Also, make sure that you exfoliate the day before, this will remove any dead skin you may have on your face. On the day of, have fresh clean skin and apply your moisturizer as soon as you wake up. *check out the wedding planning tab.

Will you bring your own products or will I be responsible for supplying them? Yes. Weather you are getting spa services, going to a class or getting makeup done you do not have to bring your own products. I provide every thing that you will need.  However, If you have a favorite mascara, lipstick or lip gloss then by all means bring it.  What is the best look I should do for my wedding? I recommend to go with what makes you feel comfortable. However, keep in mind that the goal is for you to look and feel like yourself(weather you wear minimal to a lot of makeup). Be open and honest with me. Do not be afraid to hurt my feelings as this is your day. So if you want to go with a green eyeshadow...Go For it. We will work together to make it work so it is very flattering in your pictures for years to come.  Do Gift Certificates Expire? Yes! You Are Able to use your gift certificate up to 1 yr before it expire.  May I Bring My Child To My Appointment? In order to maintain a relaxing, calming environment, we recommend that childcare arrangements be made. If arrangements cannot be made, an adult must supervise children. Unless you are receiving pageant/flower girl  makeup services this does not apply.  May I Wear Jewelry During Spa Appointment? No. In order to make sure clients valuables do not get damaged, I recommend not to wear jewelry during your appointment. If you have any on, I will kindly  ask for you to take it off and it will be placed inside of a lock box for your convenience. At which you will be given the key.  If you are getting makeup done you are free to wear jewelry if you like. Do You Charge a Travel Fee? Yes, $35 and $0.47 per mile. The travel fee will be added to your balance. The exact fee will be based on your location, and can be discussed at your time of booking. What Should I Wear To My Spa Appointment? Do to the various creams and other products being used I recommend to wear something that is disposable. What Should I Do Before My Spa Appointment? Avoid times of the month where you break out, and be sure to get any skin conditions out in the open before stripping down. DO Not take a  shower. If you are going to take a shower do so 2 hours before hand  ... However, avoid products with retinol because it leaves skin too sensitive for a wax. Before A Facial? Wear clothing that is comfortable. ...Wear your make-up. ...Skip any strong at-home facial treatments the week before your appointment and any exfoliation treatments a few days prior. ...Stay out of the sun and away from tanning for five days before your facial. ...Know the names of the skin care products you are using at home. What products do you use? In my kit I use a variety of products. I don't limit myself to just one cosmetic brand due to the fact that each brand has something special to offer.

If you don't notice your question above... That's ok! Save it for your next appointment or why not post it below!

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