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The Best Long Lasting Lipsticks For Your Wedding

Our Top 4 lipstick brands and the shades we love by them.

Here comes the bride, all dressed in a white and... Whoops! She has lipstick that is smudged, cracked and partially applied, but what's worse is that its on her teeth and she smiles. Now she has bright red lipstick that will be in photos forever. Some things not even your photographer can edit. Sound like your worst nightmare? Right, it should be.

You want something that will last and not rub off on your spouse to be shirt or grandpas cheek. But if you are anything like us, you want a lipstick to stay put for hours.

With so many options on the market, how do you choose the right lipstick for your wedding day? Having the perfect pout can be achieved and we've taken all the hard work out of it. Take a look below at our favorite lipsticks we recommend.

MAC Matte Lipstick

The OG lipstick that is like fine wine, it just gets better as time goes on. When you think of Mac, you can't help but think about the 90's or the early 2000's. For many of us Mac was luxury makeup. So having Mac as your tried and true lipstick for your wedding, just seems like the right choice. This creamy,but long lasting formula comes in over 30 shades.

Our favorite wedding shades are: Whirl, Teddy, Ruby Woo, Yash, Mehr, Get The Hint, Come Over, Double Fudge & Chili.

I wore Ruby Woo for my wedding and I didn't have to apply my lipstick throughout the night.

Wedding lipsticks

NYX Shine Loud Lip Color

Tik Tok made me obsessed with this lipstick. I'm in love and I am never going back. From the moment you apply the liquid lipstick your lips feel instantly soft and kissable, but don't let that fool you. The longwearing, high shine lipstick is transferproof which mean you can kiss, drink, do a hair flip and twerk while having supple wedding lips. It's AMAZING! It has a 2n1 formula, which comes with a base coat on one side and a lip gloss top coat on the other side.

Our favorite wedding shades are: Global Citizen, Trophy Life, Goal Crusher, Cash Flow, Fierce Flirt, Movie Maker & Darling Damsel.

"After 18 hours, eating drinking, working, and sleeping the color didn't move and I'm impressed" -Shelby (nyx website)

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution

If you are a long time reader of our blog, than you know how much we love Charlotte Tilbury. I can't talk about lipsticks without talking about her iconic shade Pillow Talk. It just speaks to my feminine side. Not only is this the perfect pinky nude shade, but it lasts up to 10 hours without a touch up. Although there's not many shades to choose from, once you find one you like it's pure magic.

Our favorite shade: Pillow Talk, Pillow Talk Medium, Very Victoria, Walk of No Shame and Festival Magic.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick

Another OG that we love is Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick. If you are new to liquid lipsticks, then you will love the user-friendly smooth application. The doe foot applicator makes the liquid apply like a dream. The only downside to this lipstick is that it can be quite drying. However, if you moisturize your lips well and remove any signs of dead skin. This will be a match made in heaven.

Our favorite shades: Stripped, Crush, Allison, Pure Hollywood, Bohemian and Doll.

In closing no matter which lipstick you choose for your wedding make sure that it is long lasting. Your lipstick should be able to withstand kissing, smiling and of course our favorite twerking.


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