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How to prepare for Boudoir photoshoot

What’s the key to a successful boudoir photo shoot? Preparing yourself from head-to-toe! Here’s your insider guide to the top things you need to do to prepare for your boudoir photo shoot.

Give your feet and hands some love.

Your hands and feet will be visible in most of your boudoir shots, so it’s important to get them camera ready. Consider pampering yourself with a mani-pedi a few days before your photo shoot date.

  • What’s the best polish shade to use? One that matches with all your lingerie outfits. Using the same color on your fingernails and toenails is always a timeless look.

  • If you want a bolder look a classic red tone adds a fierce and timeless touch to your overall boudoir look.

  • Want a more muted polish color that goes with everything? Choose one that’s light pink, beige, clear or slightly tinted. You can make them more interesting by choosing these colors with some extra-shiny glitter, or get a French manicure.

  • Make sure the bottoms of your feet are clean; they will show in some of your photos.

Pamper your skin

  • Drink lots of water leading up to your photo shoot and stay hydrated. Hydrated skin is happy skin.

  • Use your favorite face lotion the day of your photo shoot to keep your skin looking fresh and dewy.

  • Are you using our makeup artist (yay!). Wash your face and come to the studio make-up free. We’ll take care of the rest.

  • Wear your comfiest loose, baggy clothes to the studio . Otherwise, your bra, panty, and socks can leave weird lines on your skin.

Shave your legs, underarms, and bikini line the morning of your session. If you wax, schedule your photography session at least 3-5 days after waxing.

Tanning-Get that Sexy Skin Glowing for you!

  • All skin tones are beautiful! Tanning is not required for mind blowing boudoir photos. It’s all about personal preference and whatever makes you feel fantastic!

  • If you like that sun-kissed look, then we recommend sticking to tanning methods that you are familiar with – the last thing you want is to end up having a weird reaction to any sprays or lotions.

  • If you prefer the tanning beds, talk to the salon about what beds and time lengths would work best for your skin type — you want to avoid any redness or burning.

  • Spray tanning your face results in blotchy patches – so limit spray tanning to your body.

Liven up your sexy hair!

  • Get your hair trimmed, toned and touched up. Don’t let those stray greys storm on your photo session. If you’re coloring your hair, stick to a color that you know you’ll love! You want to feel like yourself throughout your photoshoot so keep this in mind when visiting the hair salon.

  • If you have stubborn hair that does not hold curls or volume, you can wash your hair one full day before your photoshoot. Use volumizing shampoo. If it is really stubborn, you can actually use volumizing mousse when blow drying your hair. Do not use any other products before arriving at the studio to avoid a greasy or flaky look.

Get your lingerie camera-ready

  • Check your outfits for tags and cut them off. You don’t want them to show in your photos.

  • Keep your lingerie wrinkle-free by bringing every outfit on its own hanger.

  • Wear shoes that are stilettos as these will elongate your legs and provide a more sleek look.

  • Try to wear clothing for your body type as it will be more flattering in photos.

My last tip above all else is to relax and have fun. Get caught up in the moment and try to enjoy every last minute of it.

notes courtesy of karen french photography

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