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There is no such thing as the perfect body type. Do you know why? Well I will tell you why....

It's because every woman has the perfect body type. We are all differnt in some shape or form. So why would you want to wear a apple linger when you have the shape of a hourglass? Doesn't make sense right.. I know, but depending on how you style your lingire it can make or break your entire phototshoot.

So how do you identify your body type?

Identifying Your body type can be quite easy.

Below is a picture showing the most common body types ⬇️

Picture courtesy of style craze

As you can see above, their are 5 differnt body types... Rectangle, Inverted Triangle, Hourglass, Pear and Apple. No matter your size you will fit in one of these types.



do you have a...

Rectangle body type:

A RECTANGLE BODY SHAPE has Straight Hips and a Straight Body Line. Your shoulders and hips will be roughly the same measurement with little waist definition and, whether you are a size 8 or size 28 you still have a straight body. Typically has a athletic look, with smaller brest and butt. This shape is the most common shape.

Triangle body type:

The inverted triangle body shape is characterised by broad shoulders and / or bust that narrow down to the hips. The strong shoulders often lend this body shape an athletic-looking physique.

Example: Naomi Campbell

Hourglass body type:

Hourglass body shape have a much smaller waist. Your bust and hip measurements are roughly even.You may have fuller bust, hips, and thighs. Women with this shape is known to have a lot of curves.

Example: kim Kardashian

Pear body type:

The pear body shape is characterised by large hips which are wider than the bust and shoulders. Other characteristics of this body shape are a defined waist, and proportionately slim arms and shoulders.

Example: Beyonce

Apple body type:

The apple shape, also referred to as a circular or round shape. Is determined by your measurements. Your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips are fairly uniform. Apple shapes tend to have smaller arms and smaller legs.

Example: Drew Barrymore

So now that you seen the difference in body types what would you say is your body type? Remember each body type is beautiful 😍 Let me know in the comments below what you have.

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