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Wedding Spotlight: A Summers Dream

Roca Ridge Events has never seen a wedding as gorgeous as Michelle's wedding. It was a chilly start to the day, But love quickly warmed everything up. This whimsical boho wedding was truly astonishing.

Working with Mattilynne was the best. I’ve never had my makeup done by anyone who could match my skin or not over do themselves because they’re not used to different features. I’m so thankful for Mattiynne she’s went above and beyond even letting us add on an extra person, and powering through the lack of time the day held on our part. I will not stop screaming her praises. The airbrush makeup also honestly feels weightless, if your someone who’s against foundation like me, I’d say give it a try!

- Michelle's M review from Thumbtack

From the moment Michelle put on her dress, everything in the room stopped... including ME! I have never in all of my years seen a dress as unique and wonderfully made for a bride. Michelle looked absolutely perfect.

Not only was she magnificent, but the florals were a statement as well. The lavender in the bouquets and centerpiece really gave a calming affect and feel on the day of. My assistant kept commenting how relaxed she felt.

For Michelle's makeup we decided to do Airbrush makeup, with a purple and lavender bring out the flowers. Her eyebrows are naturally bushy, so we decided to leave them completely natural. Her untouched brows paired nicely with her goddess locs. We described her look at her trial as Boho Glam.

A True summers dream, down to the very last dance of the night.


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