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How to find the look: Bridesmaid edition

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

The number one question I always ask my brides is... How would you like me to do your bridesmaids or maid of honor makeup? A lot of the time, they do not know how to answer. Sometimes they may tell me they don't care and other times they say it's whatever they like. The answers above may sound great. However, if you have maids who want green and gold eyeshadow, but you are wearing soft romantic makeup; it just doesn't mix! What if you have a maid that normally doesn't wear makeup, how should you proceed? Below are some tips and tricks that will help you choose your bridal party makeup. The Naturalist The natural Maid is the one who doesn't wear makeup, she barley wears mascara. She is ok with having a bare face. She likes to get up in the morning, have her morning coffee and be out the door for work. She is the one who is terrified of getting her makeup done. So foundation and contour will scare her. She might even run from the sight of lashes. Solution: Use less products. That will be applied in a way that adds dimension to their face for pictures. Use a nude color lipstick that is close to the maids natural lip color. Use cream contour, blush and highlight for a natural lit from within look. Lashes are still a MUST. Especially, with flash photography.

The Just make me look cute bridesmaid This maid is the care-free easy going maid. She just wants to look beautiful, but still not over the top. She wears makeup, but only the basics. Solution: Draw inspiration from the overall wedding theme and colors. Create a look that is well balanced and cohesive with the bride. A natural glam look will work best.

The Beauty Influencer at heart

This maid has watched countless hours of YouTube. She's also best friends with TikTok. She knows a thing or two and will remind you of how she only wants the best! She may even clash with your makeup artist, because YouTube sets unrealistic expectations. Solution: She will let you know what look she is wanting to go with. However, if you need some inspiration Soft glam look would be the way to go. You may have to inform her the difference between bridal and what she watches on her phone. The Glitz and Glam This maid is know for getting her makeup done on the regular. She goes to her favorite MUA just, because it makes her feel good. Solution: If she has a good makeup artist, it might be best to let her go. The reason why is...because nothing you or your Mua that you choose will make her happy.

The D.I.Y'er

She likes to save money and is convinced that doing her own makeup is the best thing to do...After all, she has done it before. Solution: Do not let her do her own makeup. I repeat DO NOT LET HER DO HER OWN MAKEUP!!! I have seen this happen many times before, where I will be contracted for 5 maids, but there is 6, the last maid is always the one who will wear some outlandish color like purple eyeshadow. It may seem like it looks good, but when you get those pictures back you will wish you had convinced your maid to get her makeup done. Instead go for a more natural- soft glam look. The Tom-Boy She plays sports and could careless about girl stuff, but she wants to be there for you... Since you are her best friend. Solution: the no makeup makeup look will be the way to go. You want to make sure her skin is illuminated and she has a bomb lipstick(that is 1-2 shades darker than her natural lip color), limit the eyeshadow to 1 shade or less

There are so many different maids out there, but I thought I would highlight the ones I see the most. Although we want the main attraction to be on the bride, we dont want to neglect your crew on the big day.


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