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How to be FULLY Prepared for your Makeup Trial

The time has finally arrived for you to get dolled up and look like a million bucks. You have been waiting for this day for a long time and its finally arrived. No! It's not your wedding day, but its still an important part of the wedding journey.

Aw yes, we are talking about the MAKEUP TRIAL.

You have been going back and forth with your artist and now the day has arrived for you to get a vision of how you will look for your big day. But how do you prepare yourself for such an important appointment? Is there anything you need to do? Keep reading to find out more.

1. Bring Inspiration Photos

Your makeup artist is skilled in many things, but one thing he or she isn't so great at is reading minds. Yes, we can interrupt what you say, but ultimately we are visual. By having photos it helps us determine your style. It removes the possibility of errors on our end.

I always suggest my clients bring at least 3 photos.

  1. What you like

  2. What you don't like

  3. Eye makeup

You can find makeup inspiration by clicking here.

2. Fly Solo

We want our gang with us the entire process and there is nothing wrong with that. However, your trial is a time for your Artist to get to know you as a person. This might even be the first time they are meeting you in person. Sometimes maids, moms or just friends can get so caught up in the experience that they forget that your artist has a job to do. Don't get me wrong we love answering questions, but that can be a distraction to what we are trying to accomplish. Which is make you look beautiful. I like to tell my brides that It's an intimate experience.

3. Bring Your Accessories

We love talking about your necklace, earings, head pieces(veil/tiara) or bracelet; but showing us gives us inspiration.

Every tiara and veil is different. Just like every bride is unique in their own way.

Bring as much as you can to your makeup or hair trial so your Artist can gather their creative juices.

4. Bring Photos of Your Overall Wedding

It is best to do your makeup trial when you have selected your wedding dress and secured your venue. Your artist is going to ask you to show pictures of your dress, bouquet, venue, color swatches. theme and other various items from your wedding. Be prepared to have all of these items with you.

5. Have Your Hair Done

Having your hair done before you come to your appointment will not only help your Artist, but it also helps you. You will be able to see how you will look. By doing this you can adjust accordingly.

6. Wear The Same Color Of Your Dress

I tell my brides all the time to wear the same color shirt or dress, that will match their dress perfectly. So if you are wearing a champagne dress, wear a champagne shirt same goes if you are wearing black on your day. Why is this important? you ask... I'll tell you, colors look differently when next to other colors. If you don't have the same color of your dress, find one that is close to it.

Typical questions your makeup artist will ask you at your trial:

  1. Do you wear makeup?

  2. What kind of dress will you wear?

  3. What are your wedding colors? or theme?

  4. Will you be wearing jewelry? If so, can I see a picture?

  5. What time will you walk down the aisle?

  6. (My favorite) How do you want to feel?

  7. What's your style?

  8. Have you ever had your makeup done before?

  9. Veil or no veil?

  10. May I see your inspiration pictures?

Being prepared for your trial is as simple as 1-2-3. If you are not sure what you should do, always ask your artist.

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