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Should You Do Airbrush Makeup for Your Wedding Day?

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

The #1 Airbrush Makeup Artist in Nebraska that does a FULL airbrush makeup application...

Not just foundation

The number one question I get asked all the time from my brides is if they should get Airbrush makeup or Traditional makeup for their big day.

Being an airbrush makeup artist in Nebraska and Iowa, I know how Midwest weather can be unpredictable.

Weather you are getting married for the first time around or the second. You deserve to look your absolute best and I know airbrush makeup will achieve that for you and so much more.

Water Resistant

Are you worried that your makeup on your wedding day will slip and slide off of your face? Well, say hello to MR. Sun! You can be confident that your makeup will stay put and not melt off of your face. Extreme cold and heat will not be a problem. Also, if you are worried about tears. airbrush makeup repeals tears and they side right off.

Transfer Resistant

Airbrush makeup sets immediately. Which means you dont have to worry about it transferring on to other peoples clothes.

Light Weight

My favorite benefit about airbrush makeup is how light weight it can be. Do not be fooled! Although, it is light weight it can be full coverage, The way airbrush is applies is in small dots. which allows for your natural skin to shine through. Which makes this method perfect for brides who want natural makeup. A little goes along WAY!!


Airbrush makeup has the power to last up to 15 hours and sometimes more. A key benefit is that you dont have to blot as much. Which is perfect if you dont want to worry about leaving the dance floor. I have had brides tell me that their makeup stayed on to long.

True Hd Makeup

Because airbrush makeup is applied in small dots. Otherwise known as pixels, it allows your natural skin to show. So no matter how much makeup you use. You will always be able to see your natural skin underneath.


Although I love airbrush makeup and would recommend it to anyone there are times when you should do regular traditional makeup.

  • If you have a hairy face (airbrush makeup will cling to the hair and emphasize every hair on your face)

  • If you want The INSTAGRAM look, if you are used to having bold makeup, then airbrush isn't for you as it's applied more softly.

  • If you have extremely dry skin ( airbrush makeup will evaporate moisture and thats a no no if you have very dry skin)

Common Myths

Can be flaky: False. There are many different formulas for airbrush makeup (silicone, water, alcohol & hybrid). I use 3 different kinds in my kit. So you can be sure that the best brand will be used to create your wedding day look. More Expensive: False. Sexy Visage does not and will not charge extra for airbrush makeup. The price you pay will be the same price you will pay for traditional makeup Will not cover Acne or Blemishes: False. If you have a skin concern. you can still try airbrush makeup. Here at sexy visage we use a combination of products that caters to all of our clients needs.

To sum everything up, Airbrush makeup is a great alternative if you like light- medium coverage. It allows your natural beauty to show, in a way that photographs beautifully.

Take a look at some of the makeup done using airbrush makeup


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