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Natural vs. Soft glam Wedding Makeup: What's the difference.

Gone are the days of wanting a full glam wedding makeup look. Brides are no longer wanting to have heavy contour, colorful eyes with a bold lip and highlighter that will blind Grandma at the reception. The heavy Instagram makeup look, that most have come to love... is gone with the wind. But what about a look for brides who want all the bells and whistle, but still keep it natural or in between.

The answer is quite simple...

One thing I hear from my natural brides is that "I don't wear makeup" or I want to look like myself, but better." If you have these thoughts. Than you my dear are a natural bride.

The "natural makeup" look or the "no makeup-makeup look," truly brings out the natural beauty in you, by highlighting your best features. Without dramatically changing your overall appearance. Think your everyday makeup routine, but elevated!!

This look is a common look you will see on popular magazine covers. At first glance you think to your self...WOW she has beautiful skin, but in all actuality she has a good makeup artist that is crating the appearance of good skin. Ultimately if you want natural makeup for your wedding this is what you want.

  • This look is best done with Airbrush Makeup (click here for more info)

  • Little to no eyeshadow will be used- eyeshadow is applied in bone colors(skin tone shades aka natural) typically a matte eye is best or a hint of metallic. Eyeshadow is placed in a way to add structure to the eye.

  • Blush & highlight is applied in a way that gives you the "Blushing Bride" effect. (Picture above.)

  • Lipstick will be your natural lip color or 1-2 shades darker.

  • Foundation will be applied lighter, but that doesn't mean less products will be used.

  • Celebrity Inspiration: Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, Alicia Keys and Venessa Hudgens.

But what if you are a bride that says..

"I want my eyes to pop" or I don't wear makeup, but I want a full glam look." Than you are the soft glam bride, but what does SOFT GLAM mean?

Soft Glam is defined as a step up from natural makeup with a more radiant/ smooth look. Soft Glam focus more on blending techniques in nude or neutral shades. By doing this it creates a soft effect. This is a common bridal look.

When you think of soft glam, imagine if Full glam and Natural makeup had a baby and this is there sweet bundle of joy. It creates the perfect balance for the bride that wants to look glam, but not to glam... If you know what I mean.

  • With A soft Glam look you can do either Airbrush or Traditional makeup.

  • More skincare is applied- your skin has to be prepped in a way to be able to receive all of the products that is yet to come.

  • Eyeshadow can be applied in any shade, but the most popular colors are nudes and bone shades.

  • Blush, contours and highlighter will be amped just a tad bit, but with no harsh edges. Everything will be applied softly.

  • Lipstick can be applied in any shade to give you more of a dramatic look.

  • Celebrity Inspiration: Beyoncé, Normani, Kim Kardashian, Katie Perry and Sophia Tilbury.

Don't worry if this post has you a tad bit confused on what you should do on your big day. Think about how you want to feel on your big day, Ultimately you want to stay true to yourself. So if you don't wear makeup, go natural. The most important thing is that you communicate with your Makeup Artist to achieve your ideal look.

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