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What is Luxury Skin Prep & Why Do You Need it!

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Beautiful glowing skin is the highlight of any Bridal Makeup Look

I can write a million post about makeup, about how if it's applied correctly it can make you look 3-5 years younger . I can even tell you that it will make your flaws disappear and you will look like a whole new person. No acne, no scaring, it will even remove your fine lines and wrinkles. Although some of the statements I said maybe true and others not so much. There is a thin line between your skin and the makeup that sits on top of it.

Makeup can alter your appearance slightly, but it is not MAGIC!

Makeup will look like crap if you do not have a good skincare routine. Let me say it louder for the people in the back, just incase you missed that part...


So how does Sexy Visage, put your best face forward for your wedding day.

Keep reading and I'll tell you.

We Send Out Monthly Beauty Updates

From the moment you sign your contract, You have access to our exclusive bridal lounge. We also provide you with a beauty checklist. Your check list will be delivered virtually by email, each month. It will have helpful tips, product recommendations and so much more. We even included beauty treatment ideas and when you should get them.

We provide you a Beauty Routine

Once your skin is examined at your trial, you will receive a skincare guide. This guide is tailored to your specific needs. You will receive a guide for either dry, oily, mature skin or combination. Each beauty routine has a day and night regimen for you to follow.

Every time I have a bride follow their routine, I always notice it on their wedding day!

Luxury Skincare on the Day of Your Wedding

We have bridal packages that offers Luxury skincare for your big day. This package is designed to provide your skin Intense Hydration and Suppleness (if you are dry) or Shine free protection (if you are oily). The package comes with collagen eye patches, face mask, various creams and serums, for your specific skin type. Topped off with our luxury skincare massage using a combination of steam or vibration.

Having beautiful skin has never been so easy.

If your wondering if our Luxury Bridal Package is right for you, take a look at our previous brides from their wedding day below.

To see if we have your wedding date available and to take advantage of our Luxury bridal packages click below.


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