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Why saying I trust you, can be bad for your wedding day look!

I received a notification from a bride that told me she wanted to have her wedding makeup done, but without a trial. She proceeds to tell me that she doesn't wear makeup and that she just wants a natural look. I ask the necessary questions, like.. How do you want to feel? What's your wedding theme? What is natural to you? and she replied, I DON'T KNOW!

I immediately asked more questions and she said I trust you!

Now, I am fully confident in my artistry level that I can execute a full wedding day look w/o a trial needed. However, my version of natural is different from your version of natural. My version of a smoky eye is different from your version of a smoky eye. You may like browns, but I may like black. Although I am a MUA, I cant speculate what you(the client) may like.

how can I know what I like, if I'm not used to wearing makeup?

The answer is simple. If you're not used to wearing makeup, than your wedding isn't the day to try new makeup look. Especially, if you are not used to wearing it on a regular basis.

Here's an example of a bride I had previously. For the sake of her privacy we will call her Ashley. Ashley wanted to wear purple eyeliner, glitter and green eyeshadow, but never wore makeup before. Not only is this look not timeless, but if your not used to wearing makeup... this can be quite a shock.

The best thing to do is to take a picture of yourself, without any makeup on. Next, look at some pictures on Pinterest. If you want a natural look, than search for natural makeup looks for brides. Download the picture and create a collage of the picture of yourself and the downloaded Pinterest pictures. Next, imagine what you would look like if you had the same makeup look that the bride has from the photos.

Using your imagination will be required for the entire time you plan your wedding. So this part should be a piece of cake.

Have real expectations?

Alright! So you found your inspiration pictures of Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé on their wedding day; and you want your Makeup Artist to make you look just like that...

In a perfect world we would congratulate you and say good job. That's what we can do, but today is not the day. This is why Instagram and Celebrity pictures DONT WORK. They create unrealistic expectations and I do mean UNREALISTIC. That we can make you look just like Beyoncé or Kim Kardashian.

For example, Kim K always looks flawless and she doesn't allow anyone to post any pictures of her without looking at the pictures and approving the pictures. Do you know why that is?

Well...…. I'll tell you why. Filters and lots of them. Instagram has create, what I like to call Filter Monsters. Yes, I said Filter Monsters. They heavily edit their pictures so you(the consumer) Can take this picture back to your artist and say make me look like this. What they are not showing is that they have Bumps, Fine lines and wrinkles. So when you get your makeup done and its not baby smooth like you thought it would be, it creates disappointment and that's something we don't need for our big day!

Nothing is wrong with having fine lines or even bumps. Real skin has texture. Embrace it, because it's ok. You are human. If you didn't have any texture, people might think you are a Vampire.

In this picture you see the MOB wrinkles and fine lines. This picture isn't edited. She has airbrush makeup, which allows her Natural beauty to show. She has a inner glow about her. Do you agree.
Mother of the bride

--In this picture you see the MOB with wrinkles and fine lines. This picture isn't edited. She has airbrush makeup, which allows her Natural beauty to show. She has a inner glow about her. Don't you agree. What this picture doesn't show you is that she was insecure about the wrinkles on her face.

Listen to your Heart!

It's hard to decipher what you want, when everyone else thinks they know what you want. Having your bridesmaids involved is great, but what happens when it's not so great.

You may have a maid tell you that they wore a nude lipstick on their wedding day and it made their lips look crusty, but maybe it was the wrong shade of nude for their skin tone. Or they may tell you to stay away from blue eye makeup, even though you want to use it as your something blue.

Yes, our family and friends wants what's best for us, but being a bride is the best time to say NO! This is about me!

It's ok to listen what advice they give, but take it as a grain of salt. Deep down you know how you want to feel and how you want to look. It's okay to be picky. If there is another artist that cant take you being that way...THEY ARE NOT THE ARTIST FOR YOU!!! Run fast and I mean run.

How TRUSTING your MUA is still a good idea.

Their needs to be a special bond with you and your makeup artist for your big day. If their isn't anyone you should listen to, it's your Makeup Artist. He or she has been in the business for years and they know what will look good on camera and what doesn't. They can help you figure out what you like about the inspo pictures you will show them. They can tell you what colors will bring out your best features and how your spouse will go crazy(in a good way) over you. A good Makeup Artist will be your confidante, their goal is to make sure you have beautiful pictures that are timeless, but also everyone says look at Her. She's gorgeous.


No wedding is the same and their is no bride that is like you. You are unique, even if Sally down the Street has the same colors as you. Or Mary has the same dress as you.

The best way to determine what you may like as a bride is to take a look at your overall wedding. Ultimately, your look is your look... your way.

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