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How long should you wear your wedding day makeup?

I have had brides tell me that their wedding makeup lasted for 15 hours... some even tell me it lasted for 48 hours, but how long is too long to be wearing your wedding makeup?

Rule of thumb

I always tell my brides to wear their makeup for a maximum of 17 hours and even that is pushing it. The makeup I use in my kit is designed to be worn for 15+ hours, but that doesn't mean you should go beyond that. Once you go past the 24 hour mark on wearing your makeup that is when your skin starts to suffer.


One thing you may notice by wearing your makeup for over 24 hours is... BREAKOUTS! These devilish little monsters sneak upon us when we are stressed. Sometimes on our time of the month, but they can also make an appearance when our pores are clogged. Having makeup on for more than 24 hours will clogg your pores. No matter what formula you use(water, alchohol, silicone or hybrid).

Build up of Bacteria

These cute ugly green blobs are called bacteria. We all have bacteria living and thriving on our skin surface. However, if you go too long without washing your face...these pesky critters will wreak havoc.Our skin has over 1.5 million microscopic bacteria living on it.

So what does that mean? Oil can build up and get trapped under your makeup. Not to mention after 24 hours your face will attract dirt and other germs. Sorry, I am just being honest... No matter how clean or safe you are, your face will stll attract bacteria. The best way to keep bacteria at bay is simple. WASH YOUR FACE every night.

Sensitive Skin

Having sensitive skin can be so annoying. Believe me I know!( I have eczema and dry skin) I am prone to dry patches, skin flakes and a plethora of other issues. I can go to bed with flaky-free skin and wake up looking like a lizard. Ok, I know that was kind of dramatic, but it's true.

One of the things I notice is if I ware my makeup longer than 15 hours my skin feels tight(talk about uncomfortable). My skin will get so dehydrated, especially in the cold Nebraska weather. So much so, that even a facial mist will not help. I'll start to get dry skin patches. Which is very noticeable under makeup. No matter how well I prepped my skin beforehand. Somethings just cant be helped.. my suggestion is if you have dry or sensitive skin is to wear your makeup for a maximum of 15-17 hours.

So to sum it up you should ware your makeup for up to 24 hours anything after that you could experience bacteria on the skin and clogged pores. No matter how long you wear your makeup...always remember to put some extra love in your skincare routine.

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