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How To Do Your Makeup For Your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding can get pretty costly pretty fast, believe me I know first hand. You have a budget of $5,000 and it can quickly go to $10,000 overnight. From booking the Venue to scheduling taste tastings. It all adds up in one shape or form. Cutting cost, but also looking fabulous while you do it can be hard.

From one past bride(speaking for myself) I get it! If I could of paid someone to do my wedding makeup for my big day... I would have. Unfortunately, I ran into one problem after the other, but this Blog post isn't about finding the perfect makeup artist. So we will save that topic for another day.

So how do you do your makeup for your wedding day?

First thing first is PRACTICE.

Even though I am a makeup artist and I have done over 200 weddings I still Practiced doing my makeup for my special day. Reason being, I wasn't sure what I wanted. I didn't know if I wanted a natural look or soft glam look. I wasn't sure If I wanted smoky eyes or glitter.

If you decide you want to do your own makeup. I recommend you practice at least 3x's before your big day and take a lot of pictures. I mean A LOT!!! You want to test it out in different lighting to see if this is the look you are going for.


Pampering yourself is the best way for you to get your mind right before you walk down the aisle. Schedule a facial with your favorite Esthetician. You can spend hundreds on makeup to achieve a flawless face, but if your skin isn't right. It will look like crap. Despite what everyone believes... good makeup starts with good skin care. Let getting a facial be 1 more reason for you to unwind and feel good about yourself.

Now lets talk Skincare.

As stated above the best makeup could not be achieved without a great base. So what is your base? your base is everything before your foundation is even applied. I'm talking face wash, eye cream, moisturizer and so on. This is what gives my brides that bridal glow. Yes, you want this glow. The glow is what makes people mouths say "awww," when they see you.

Your skin care regimen should be tailored to your skin type. Lucky for you I have a plethora amount of articles that can help you with skincare, But just in case you need to find a regimen, I recommend figuring out what your skin type maybe and go from there.

If you have dry skin you want to use more hydrating products. A good line that would work for you and is very effective is Tatcha THE STARTER RITUAL KIT. This is the perfect kit to create balance for your natural skins ph. If you have oily skin another great option is CLINIQUE Great Skin, Great Deal Set for Combination Oily Skin. I love this kit. I love it so much that I use it on myself and on my clients. Its just perfect! Finding a moisturizer that works well for oily skin can be difficult. It hydrates and keeps me matte all day long, without looking too matte. If you know what I mean.

Now that you have the perfect base, its time to get your Foundation in check!

Choosing the right foundation can be difficult, but not impossible. You want to AVOID all foundations that have the word SPF in it. Why you ask... SPF is great for hot summer days, but it can cause flashback and ruin your photos. And who wants that. Instead grab a foundation that has more pigment then water. Why? You will use less product and can sheer it down depending on how much coverage you want.

Did you know that Photos are now taken in HD?

If you didn't know this info that's perfectly fine, but getting HD foundation will allow your makeup to be applied in Pixels the same way your photographer will snap your pictures.

My favorite foundations with HD Formulas are Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation and Too faced Born This Way Foundation. What's so awesome about both of these formulas is that they work for all skin types. Rule of thumb Less is more.

Groom those BROWS

Your brows are your focal point. So if your brows are bad...than your makeup will be bad as well. You dont have to have great brows to achieve a flawless look. You can grab your favorite brow product and create natural looking brows. Anastasia Beverly Hills creates the best brow products that are affordable.

Let's talk CHEEKS

To give yourself a Blushing Bride cheek. Its quite simple. Use a blush that is similar to the natural flush of your face. Not following me... That's ok. You can find your natural cheek color by looking at your lips. If they are rosy, then a a rose, mauve, light peach or nude blush would be best for you. If your lips are a brownish pink, orange, red, and pink would be your best blush color. Whatever color you decide you want to use just a little bit of blush. Why you ask? Because on your wedding day your cheeks will have a natural flush of color. Too much color will having you look like BOZO the clown and nobody wants that.

Set it in Place

Before I use setting Spray I like to use a face powder. When you apply face powder you want to apply as little as possible. One way you can do this is by using a a brush and doing taping motions. I also like to use a clean powder puff that has no products on it as well. The powder puff will give you airbrushed skin. Just remember to avoid any and all face powders that have silica listed in the 1st three ingredients. This will cause Flashback,

Now I am a huge fan of setting sprays, weather they're hydrating or mattifying, You can't go wrong with a good quality setting spray. If you have oily skin you want to get a matte primer. Dry skin hydrating. The ones I typically use on my clients are

Pro Tip:

Use Setting Spray Before foundation to lock everything in place.

Some people like doing their own makeup and others not so much, If you feel overwhelmed grab some lavender oil and rub it in your temples. No matter what you decide for your big day. Remember that all eyes will be on you. So if you need a little help with doing your own wedding day makeup or if you just want to learn how to do the perfect brow. Sexy Visage has you covered. We offer different class for brides just like you. Click below for more info on our Bridal 101 Class.


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