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Questions to ask your makeup artist, before you book them for your big day.

Before you walk down the aisle, you want to make sure you look your best. With a lot of fish out in the ocean its hard to see what the best catch is (If you know what I mean). You have artist that specialize in skin and then you have artist that specialize in full glam. How can you find your own personal ocean without getting lost?

It's quite simple... ASK!

Asking questions is one of the easiest was for you (the bride) to get clarification. It will help you separate the big fish from the little fish. So your not just out there swinging your fishing pole hoping you get a catch. Ok, so enough with the fish references. By now you get what I'm trying to tell you.

Below are some great questions I get asked all the time by my clients and also how I answer them. Use this as a guide to determine, if your makeup artist is the best fit or not.

#1 What is your makeup style?

This questions is the most common question I get asked all the time. Potential brides basically are asking, how will you make me look beautiful for my big day.

My Answer:

I am a natural glam makeup artist with a Midwest twist(trademark pending...LOL). Basically what that means is that I specialize in skin, but I also do not overlook the entire face. I like to focus on 2 major things when I do makeup, that is the face and the eyes. The first thing that anyone will notice on you is your eyes. Your eyes will tell a story, without you even having to say one word. Having beautiful glowing skin on the most important day of your life will give the extra boost of confidence that you need.

Take a look below at some of my recent work

#2 What brand of makeup do you use?

This answer will vary depending on the artist and how much you are paying them. Some artist use drug store products in their kit and others do not. You definitely want to ask this question. Reason being if you are paying over $100 for services and you want to justify the cost, then you defiantly want to ask this question. If your artist is using all drugstore products (Morphe, Milani and Maybelline) than you should go somewhere else(only if you are paying a lot of money). That is an indication of a new makeup artist, not to mention most of those products do not have the staying power as luxury and pro brand products.

My Answer:

I use only luxury and pro brands in my kit. The brands I use is Charlotte Tilbury, Natasha Deonna, Temptu, Graftobian, Visseart, Makeup Forever and Huda Beauty just to name a few. All of the companies I mentioned above are products that are designed to have a staying power of 12-18 hours, they're sweat proof and waterproof. Which is very important to me, since I specialize in bridal makeup. If you are familiar with Charlotte Tilbury then you know that once lipstick can cost $54

#3 Are you comfortable with MATURE SKIN?

Another popular question. A lot of makeup artist are only used to doing makeup on younger women. Some do not have the experience to do makeup on your mother, grandmother, aunt or mother-in-law.

My Answer:

One of the first faces I did before I became a makeup artist was my mom and grandma. my mother has 74 year old skin and my grandmother had 100 year old skin. With a big age gap, it allowed me to determine what worked and what didn't work for their skin type. As skin ages it looses it's elasticity and suppleness, that's why I like to focus on adding hydration and their base.

#4 Do you know how to work with all ethnicities and skin tones?

Unfortunately this is a question that must be asked if you have people of color in your bridal party. Why? I'll give you an example... I was looking to hire a makeup artist a and she informed me that she knew how to do makeup on ALL skin tones. I even sent me some pictures of her work, So I was confident that she was able to work under my brand. Fast forward to her interview she admitted to me that she took the photos off of Pinterest and she only did makeup for dark skin 2x's. Needless to say she didn't get the job. Simply put make sure that you are hiring someone who is skilled in all skin tones and ethnicities.

My Answer:

At Sexy Visage we have done Indian, African, Guatemalan, Mexican weddings and more. We have the portfolio and the reviews to back it up.

#5 Do you do Airbrush Makeup?

I love when I get asked this question. A lot of makeup artist that does airbrush makeup, do not do airbrush makeup. Are you confused by that sentence? Well let me break it down for you. A real airbrush makeup artist does a FULL AIRBRUSH APPLICATION. So what is a full aribrush application? You receive airbrush concealer, foundation, highlighter, blush, color corrector, contour and sometimes eyebrows and eyeshadow. Most makeup artist in Nebraska and Iowa do foundation only and even then they still do a thin layer of traditional foundation underneath. They even charge extra for this as well.

My Answer:

I do a full airbrush application and I also do not charge extra for it. To me it's just another skill that I have.

Can you travel to me on my wedding day?

Some makeup artist require for you to come to them on the day of others do not. Make sure you choose an artist that will be able to accommodate what you are needing for your big day.

My answer:

I have a studio, but I also travel all of the Midwest as well. My travel fee is $1.00 per mile for any location that is more than 15 miles from my studio location.

There are so many questions that you should ask your makeup artist before you book them. Especially if you want to make sure that they can execute your vision the way you want them to. Having a makeup artist that you mesh well with... is when magic is created.


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